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 Tips from our Wedding Advisors


  • Use your ceremony floral arrangements as centerpieces for your reception.


  • Think of a color scheme focused around the color linens Newcastle provides. Bring in floral arrangements, favors and colorful menus (which we can place into our complimentary pocket-fold napkins) to add color and depth


  • Always eat and drink plenty of water before your ceremony – even if you think you don’t need it. This will ensure that you are hydrated.


  • Plan your rehearsal a couple days before your wedding, instead of the day before. This provides you with an opportunity to absorb your wedding details and a day in between to focus on last minute items. Also, think about a lunch-time rehearsal to allow for a fun luncheon or outing for your bridal party.


  • Personalize your wedding! Think of some of the things you both love to do together, how you met, or some of your favorite memories. Include these into your theme and décor. Maybe your favors can be a donation to a special cause or a souvenir from a favorite vacation spot. Incorporate “specialty cocktails” by using your favorite drinks or matching your colors.


  • Plan a fun outing for your bridal party to get to know one another


  • Bring two pairs of shoes and make sure they’re the same height so your dress doesn’t drag on the ground. You’ll thank us later for this one!


  • Guys: Bring extra black socks and know how to tie a Windsor Knot:


    • At the beginning, the wide end of the tie should be on your right side and the other end should be on your left side.
    • Cross the wide end over the other end. Now three regions are formed (Left, Right and Center).
    • Bring the wide end under the narrow end to the Center region.
    • Bring the wide end over to the Right region.
    • Bring the wide end underneath the narrow end from Right to Left.
    • Bring the wide end up to the Center region.
    • Bring the wide end under the knot from Center to Right.
    • Bring the wide end over the front to the Left region.
    • Bring the wide end under the narrow part from Left to Center.
    • Bring the wide end down and pass the loop in front. Ensure that the knot is tightened.
    • Use one hand to pull the narrow end down gently and use the other hand to move the knot up until it reaches the center of the collar.