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 Break Enhancements


Try any of the following break enhancements to make your guests experience all the more memorable.

Ice Cream Socials

Enjoy an alternative to the typical happy hour while making sure everyone in your group is involved! If you're looking for a way to strengthen your group's bond, consider an ice cream social. For over a century, people's love for sweet treats has brought them together. Give your team some time to absorb the meeting content while enjoying a good chat with a colleague and some delicious ice cream with all the toppings. Gluten free, vegan and lactose-free options are also available.

Coffee Clatter

Take your networking to the next level with our private barista carts. Enjoy a latte, mocha, Americano, cappucino, hot chocolate and chai tea or apple cider right in your meeting space! Assorted creamers and sweeteners, along with options for dietary restrictions are available. Add Italian sodas, fruit smoothies or sweet treats to satisfy any palate.

Washington Wine Tastings

For that special end of the day celebration a wine tasting is the perfect choice. Washington State wines have gotten high praise and ratings in tastings around the world. This is your chance to have the Catering Team at Newcastle create a tasting specifically suited for your meeting attendees.